The Conference Ends without Closing…

19 11 2010

Final sunsetMany thanks to all of you who attended the first Wiley-Blackwell Exchanges conference this week!

We were astounded by the response with over 4400 delegates registering from over 140 countries. Many thanks to all the keynote speakers, presenters and delegates who took part in discussions around the sessions – there were some great exchanges, all of which you can still read.

The content on this conference site will continue to remain available after today so do feel free to comment further on any of the sessions.

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed the conference – further events are planned in the future around topics such as ‘migration’ and ‘war and peace’. Here is how to keep in touch if you’d like to be in the loop when those conferences are held:

  • Subscribe to updates via email or follow us on Twitter to keep abreast of Wiley-Blackwell Exchanges.
  • If you are a registered delegate, do complete the post-conference opinion survey, coming to you next week. Your feedback on this conference means we can improve things even further for future events. Once you have completed the post-conference survey, you will also be eligible for a Certificate of Attendance.
  • Delegates – don’t forget to take advantage of your delegate benefits! You can still use your 20% discount code for books in the exhibition. In addition, every purchaser will receive 1 month’s free access to Blackwell Reference Online, our flagship database with nearly 400 reference works in the Humanities and Social Sciences. This really is a fantastic resource so we encourage you to make that book purchase!
  • You can also still activate your 60-Days Free Trial Access to Wiley-Blackwell Journals in psychology, sociology and other related disciplines.
  • If you have suggestions, or even just a short comment, you can of course email us.

It’s been a pleasure to hold this event with you all this week and we sincerely hope to see you at the next Wiley-Blackwell Exchanges conference!


The Wiley-Blackwell Exchanges Team

Publishing Workshop: Journal Metrics: The Impact Factor and Everything Else

19 11 2010

By Iain Craig, Specialist, Wiley Market Research & Analysis team

In only 20 minutes, Iain explains:

  • The main types of  journal metric and how they are calculated.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • How the metrics are used in practice, by librarians and others.
  • Author metrics and why they matter.


Winning Comment 18 November

19 11 2010

compassmedal smallWe are pleased to announce yesterday’s winning comment from Dan Haybron, who commented on the paper Well-Being: Psychological Research for Philosophers. Congratulations to Dan, who wins a free Wiley-Blackwell book. This is your last chance to be a winner, so join in the discussion now!


Conference Paper: Internet Technology and Social Capital:How the Internet Affects Seniors’ Social Capital and Wellbeing

19 11 2010

Shima Sum, Mark. R. Mathews, Mohsen Pourghasem & Ian Hughes
(University of Sydney)

To read this article and the commissioned commentaries for free just Read the rest of this entry »

Sessions coming up on Friday 19th November!

19 11 2010

Today saw our second live ‘Meet the Speaker’ session – a very interesting conversation developed. We encourage all of you to check out the recorded webinar here.

9am GMT
Internet Technology and Social Capital: How the Internet Affects Seniors’ Social
Capital and Wellbeing
Shima Sum (Sydney), Mark. R. Mathews (Sydney), Mohsen Pourghasem (Sydney) & Ian Hughes (Sydney)

Mohan Dutta (Purdue University) &
PJ Rey (University of Maryland)

Publishing Workshops:

12pm GMT
Top 10 mistakes New Scholars Make When Trying to Get Published
Duane Wegener (Purdue)
5pm GMT
Journal Metrics: The Impact Factor and Everything Else
Iain Craig (Market Research and Analysis, Wiley-Blackwell)


Watch the Chris Peterson Q&A Webinar!

18 11 2010

For those of you who weren’t able to participate in today’s fascinating ‘Meet the Speaker’ session with Chris Peterson, you can now watch a recording of the Q&A webinar! –

Questions tackled by Chris Peterson in the webinar included:

– What are the criticisms of Positive Psychology? What sort of criticism have you encountered? And are peoples attitudes getting better or worse as time goes on?

– What is the relationship between work engagement and positive psychology?

– In your keynote, you noted that the increase in happiness tails off as income increases beyond a certain point, and that spending money on others increases wellbeing – can you say a bit more about that?

– How does a happiness quotient relate to Erik Erikson’s integrity-despair paradigm?

– From an institutional perspective, how does happiness translate beyond individual personality to corporate culture and ”feelings at the top” permeating the organization?

– Is it possible to reach happiness without going through sadness? Read the rest of this entry »

Conference Certificate of Attendance

18 11 2010

To be eligible for a Certificate of Attendance, delegates must register officially and take part in our post-conference survey coming next week.  If you have not yet registered, please do so here.


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