Watch the Chris Peterson Q&A Webinar!

18 11 2010

For those of you who weren’t able to participate in today’s fascinating ‘Meet the Speaker’ session with Chris Peterson, you can now watch a recording of the Q&A webinar! –

Questions tackled by Chris Peterson in the webinar included:

– What are the criticisms of Positive Psychology? What sort of criticism have you encountered? And are peoples attitudes getting better or worse as time goes on?

– What is the relationship between work engagement and positive psychology?

– In your keynote, you noted that the increase in happiness tails off as income increases beyond a certain point, and that spending money on others increases wellbeing – can you say a bit more about that?

– How does a happiness quotient relate to Erik Erikson’s integrity-despair paradigm?

– From an institutional perspective, how does happiness translate beyond individual personality to corporate culture and ”feelings at the top” permeating the organization?

– Is it possible to reach happiness without going through sadness?

– To what extent does positive psychology play a role in ”defining” happiness? Doesn’t the perception of happiness intersect with the cognitive background of the indivdual?

– How do the concepts of resilience and resignation apply to the concept of ”authentic” happiness?

– In what ways is positive psychology movement construed as a negative concept?

– What impact does religious belief have on wellbeing?

– Some of the research studies, particularly those that solicit participants, such as Penn’s questionnaires, are populated by self-selected subjects. Do you think these participants are searching for happiness or trying to understand it, or are they interested in sharing their positive emotions or are unhappy wretches looking for help?

If you have further comments or questions for Chris Peterson, please post these as comments on the original keynote address page here.



One response

26 11 2010
Jalal Al-hadhrami

Is it possible to reach happiness without sadness?
A question that has always got my attention, just now I know..
Thank you Dr.

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